Gymnastics Movements

Gymnastics movement, more broadly defined as moving your own bodyweight in your environment, is an important part of any exercise regimen.  Crossfitters especially use high intensity, and sometimes high level gymnastics movements as part of workouts and competitions.

Core movements in gymnastics for fitness are:
  1. Forward Rolls, Shoulder Rolls, Handstand Rolls
  2. Backward Rolls, Safety Rolls, Back Extension Rolls
  3. Handstands, Head Stands, Handstand Push-ups
  4. Inverted Hangs on Rings or Bars
  5. Front Levers, Lever Swings, and Candlesticks
  6. Back Levers and Lever Cranks
  7. Bar Muscle-Ups and Ring Muscle-Ups
  8. Bar Kips and Ring Kips
  9. Kipping Motions for Repetitions
  10. L Sits and Hangs
Incorporating these movements into workouts can be hugely beneficial in developing strength and coordination.  Proper progressions and safeguards are required for many of these movements to be done injury free.  If you are interested in adding this type of programming to your box or gym, I can offer consulting via email, and I can even help train your coaches and trainers if you are in the Houston area.   Shoot me an email to get the ball rolling: