Monday, December 5, 2011

ZeroMan Workout 62

ZeroMan Workout Series

The ZeroMan workout series is designed for gentlemen relatively new to working out who want to lose weight and have general fitness improvement. This program can work for anyone, so feel free to adjust weight and resistance to fit your needs. For maximum fat loss I recommend five to six small meals a day, including one fatty (good fats) snack an hour before workout (Geoff’s Man Bar would be perfect!) and a protein shake no more than 30 minutes after working out. The rest of the small meals should have a ratio as close as possible to 9g carbs, 7g protein, 2g fat. Good luck!

Day 62: Monday December 5th, 2011

Warm Up: 20 minutes

Recumbent Resistance Intervals

- 5 minutes at ‘6’ to ‘8’ resistance 75 RPM to 80 RPM

- 8 times: 30 seconds at ‘11’ to ‘13’ resistance 90+ RPM, followed by 1 minute at ‘6’ to ‘8’ resistance 75 RPM to 80 RPM

- 3 minutes at a leisurely pace

Light Stretch: less than 5 minutes

No deep stretching. Just a few reaching exercises, arm swings and circles, trunk rotations, etc. The idea is to move and get warm, especially muscle groups you missed in your warm-up.

Resistance: 20 – 25 minutes


For time: (let me know how long it takes you. try to limit your rest to no more than 3 breaths at a time)

- 21 air squats or modified squats

- 21 barbell military presses (35 – 40 lbs.)

- 21 lat pull-downs (45 – 55 lbs.)

- 15 air squats or modified squats

- 15 barbell military presses (35 – 40 lbs.)

- 15 lat pull-downs (45 – 55 lbs.)

- 9 air squats or modified squats

- 9 barbell military presses (35 – 40 lbs.)

- 9 lat pull-downs (45 – 55 lbs.)


- 3 Turkish Get-ups L & R each arm with a 17.5 lb. dumbbell

- 6 Dumbbell Cleans L & R with a 17.5 or 20 lb. dumbbell (this variation or a traditional grip are both fine)

Push-ups / Bench:

- Dumbbell Bench Press: 12 reps at 15 lbs, 10 reps at 17.5 lbs., 8 reps at 20 lbs.

- Push-up position hold for 45 seconds X 2

Stretch: 5 - 10 minutes

Comprehensive light stretching, then focus on shoulders, arms, chest and back. Be sure to include: infraspinatus stretch, teres minor stretch, bent over lat stretch, wall lat stretch, overhead triceps stretch, seated biceps stretch, doorway or floor deltoid stretch, side deltoid stretch, straight arm chest stretch, and doorway or floor modified chest stretch.

Cool Down: 20 minutes

Run / Walk on a treadmill. (8 run, 3 walk, 5 run, 4 walk would be great)

Start adding a fish oil supplement to your first, middle, and last meals of the day for faster healing and healthier joints. To really kick your fat loss up a notch and minimize joint inflammation, avoid bread (at least on workout days).

CINNAMON!! Add a dash of cinnamon to your morning cup of coffee, and another cup at lunch wouldn’t hurt.
Drink at least 8 oz. of water 30 minutes before each meal or snack, and drink fluids with your meal either just before or just after (or both), but not during. Green tea is a great option for delicious hydration, appetite suppression, antioxidants, and a nice energy boost!
Try to base your meal ratios on a total daily protein intake of 95g to 115g (while striving to maintain the 9:7:2 carb:protein:fat ratio at every meal except the pre and post workout snacks.)
Comment below, tweet @geoffcraft, or shoot me an email! Eat well, drink lots of water and have fun! Love you. #FitnessIsLove

get fit.

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Anonymous said...

I am a woman and a trainer too, and i really like your blog and all the information you putt in (and obviousley love the videos!!!) By the way my husband was also a gymnast when younger and was really impressed by your performances :)
Keep on with those great tips!!