Thursday, December 1, 2011

Six Things Everyone Can Do to Lose Fat

Personal Fitness is the most over hyped, and least attended to issue on the average American’s radar.  In no other country is there simultaneously an unhealthy obsession with perfect bodies and the most rampant obesity epidemic in history.  There are certainly people who are obsessed with fitness, but too many Americans ignore health and fitness, or at least feel it would be too hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  There is middle ground to be explored here, and that is the focus of this mini series of articles.  Let’s stop making excuses and see just how little it takes to make a big difference!  

Here’s a run-down of the articles you can expect to see over the next few weeks:

#1  Smart Hydration: Why soda is the enemy and what you can add to your fluids to make a difference

#2  Change the Order In Which You Eat, and Deliberate Chewing

#3  Homo Sapiens: Walking is your destiny (and the bare minimum to achieve fitness)

#4  Smaller Meals More Often, and Smart Snacking (fat is not the enemy)

#5  Learn to Look at Food Differently: what your body really needs

#6  Embrace The Cold: how cold therapies can accelerate your fat loss

The first article should be coming down the pipeline tonight, and the rest will be here over the next few weeks.  These recommendations are by no means medical gospel, and you should always consult your doctor or fitness professional if you are unsure how these strategies might affect your health.  All these topics are easy to implement , and constitute a good first step on the road to a healthy lifestyle.  

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get fit.

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