Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coach Geoff Workout of the Day 1

Warm Up: Jump Rope & Factorial Basics
300 jumps
squats, push-ups, arch body bananas, V-ups

Stretch: Comprehensive Light Stretching

Stability: Prone Deep Hip External Rotator Complex

Resistance: Pull-ups and Abs
1) max one arms pull-ups, alternating arms
2) 3 back lever pull-overs
3) 10-8-6 prayer-grip "L" pull-ups
4) 12-10-8 fast leg lifts
5) 8-6-4 pull-up / press-downs
6) 20 windshield wipers (2x)
7) 10-8-6 pull-ups to chest
8) 8-8-8 candlestick pulls with 10 lbs, 6 lbs, no weight

Cardio: Trampoline for 5 minutes

Cool Down: Swing in the Straps

Stretch: Comprehensive Light Stretching plus Alternate Splits

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food Journal 08-16-11

Meal 1 (9:00 am): one cup Kashi® honey almond flax cereal with two scoops of Naturade® whey protein and cinnamon with one cup of Silk® unsweetened almond milk

Meal 2 (12:20 pm): one whole egg scrambled with 3/4 cup egg whites (plus salt, pepper, and garlic powder) topped with 1/4 cup jalepeƱo jack cheese, one medium/small banana, one Ry Krisp® cracker with 1/2 tbs of organic peanutbutter, agave nectar and cinnamon.

Meal 3 (2:30 pm): egg drop soup, small bag of Snyder's® eatsmart naturals tomato potato and spinach crisps

Meal 4 (5:20): Myoplex® Lite protein shake

Meal 5 (7:20): thinkThin® chunky peanut butter high protein bar

Meal 6 (9:50): turkey spaghetti sauce with broccoli

Meal 7 (12:10 am): 4 oz. turkey, three Ry Krisp® crackers with 1/2 tbs of organic peanutbutter, agave nectar and cinnamon on each.