Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Warm Up: Jump Rope, Factorial Basics
500 jumps

Comprehensive light stretching, then focus on deep hip external rotators, glutes and IT band (tensor fasciae femoris) with butterfly stretches, feet farther in front butterfly stretches, lying glute stretches, lying piriformis stretches, and lying hip stretches.

Resistance: 100 push-up/Leg Set
Try to move through these exercises as quickly as possible. If you need to rest, limit your rest to 3 breaths of rest, no more than one break per exercise.

20 jumping jacks
30 push-ups elbows in (modify to push-ups on knees if necessary)
30 push-ups elbows out (modify to push-ups on knees if necessary)
20 split-squat jumps (mountain climber jumps)
20 jumping jacks

Run 2 miles.  (treadmill, elliptical, track, or hit the streets)

Cool Down:
Walk half a mile.

Stretch: Shoulders, Chest, Back

Tomorrow is a rest day!  Hooray!  Let me know how it is going or if anything has been too hard or easy.  Eat well, drink lots of water, and have fun!  Love you!

Get fit.

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